Liza Echeverry de Colombia

Colombian designer Liza Echeverry explores and handcrafts fused metals -enhancing textures with a bold and organic style, with natural stones as the cherry on top, for a POP!

Liza inherited her love of creation and jewels from her grandfather, a well-known Colombian jewelry designer. In her native Colombia, Medellín and Bogotà (also where her workshops are located) serve as sources of inspiration for Liza – with their combined cosmopolitan and eclectic energies and beautiful landscapes. The harmonious contrast in the two cities is expressed in Liza’s aesthetic, when designing these eye catching pieces made in bronze and plated in 24K gold. Liza purposely uses precious stones, including her country’s signature stone, the emerald, in the rough, creating a fantastic contrast and marrying of her rich, textured gold layering and organic stones. She tops it off with only organic finishes for all of her pieces. The organic and natural lifeline so present in Liza’s ancient-esque Colombian design is very purposeful. The designer feels that the process of working with and wearing organic material gives strength to both the wearer and our globe as a whole. We’re huge fans of texture and levels in design; and Liza’s use of granulation, raw gems , texture and an organic process is true beauty!






Images courtesy of Liza Echeverry.

4 Comments on Liza Echeverry de Colombia

  1. You got to love it when the work feels natural, that in its self adds a great tone of richness. It is evident that the inherited knowledge of craft has been infused in the work. It appears effortless. #fresco

  2. Aurum… How beautiful article! thank you…I appreciate your delicate and rich description about my job.

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