Muyombano: Grace + Elegance

Burundi born, Rwandan-German designer Annerose Muyombano has created unique collections which she aptly titles: a “harmonious union between African grace and European elegance”.


Muyombano uses stainless steel as her dominant material, as it does not oxidize, is easily maintainable and through her production processes has the ability to create deep, striking color patterns. Because of the nuanced design aesthetic in Annerose’s collections, her pieces own the flexibility to be styled however the wearer wants: highly sophisticated or with your favorite jeans and tank- and it will all look stunning.


It’s interesting and highly admirable that Annerose’s experience in the fashion world as a former model has led her to commit to staying true to herself and not being dazzled by the lights and glamour of the world – to see beauty within and throughout – something she makes a point to include in her design aesthetic. Her style is very sleek and calming – exhibiting an elegance that is often not captured in minimalist jewelry. Her tones are all her own, with hints of her design inspirations: Jeff Koons, Dieter Rams, and Anish Kapoor.


Committed to conscious fashion:

The goal is to grow and strengthen Muyombano as a conscious luxury lifestyle brand with its own production place in Rwanda for our Muyomabno Jewelry Rwanda Collection – the second pillar of the brand. We have already presented a separate Muyombano Jewelry Rwanda Collection during Kigali Fashion Week. We will also set up a foundation that will focus on supporting the people we work with in Rwanda on an educational level.

A recipe for unique design:

I grew up and have lived most of the time in Germany – a place of hard work, perfect craftsmanship and love for detail. This is the way I work. It is all about efficiency and perfection. The Rwandan part of me is the one that always keeps me curious and spontaneous.


African/ethnic elements and shapes are my main source of inspiration. However, my goal is to create contemporary pieces. Some of them sophisticated, others edgy and youthful but all of them are always wearable and elegant. I free myself from boundaries because I do not want to create “typical” ethnic or German pieces. My approach is mixing materials, shapes and production techniques in a different way, in order to create special pieces.

The Muyombano Woman:

For me the “typical” MUYOMBANO woman is brilliant and beautiful from the inside and outside. I picture her as a self-confident, successful and authentic person loving fashion but not obeying to any fashion rules. She achieves her very own and perfect style by knowing who she is, being happy with herself and enjoying life. This determined woman communicates and sets statements with her style. Sometimes she is a rebel and she loves contradictions but she is always true to her style and individuality.


Muyombano is currently working on a new collection using raw diamonds and rose gold. She also has upcoming collaborations with Monica Armani, Patricia Urquiola, Tomoya Tabuchi and Victor Carrasco!

Looking forward to seeing more!


Images courtesy of Muyombano Jewelry.

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  1. officialfantasy // April 17, 2015 at 12:42 PM // Reply

    They are all beautiful

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