Satya Spindel

Satya Spindel, hailing from  Vila Madalena, Brasil – never thought she would be doing this, and now cannot imagine doing anything else but  creating jewelry. And neither can I !:)

NOVIDADE na Sousou o Brinco COCAR prata by Satya Spindel de acabou de chegartimthumb-3.php

While Satya also makes fantastic cuffs and earrings as well, we chose to highlight her feminine and whimsical ear adornment.

Chegou o brinco SOB TRIBAL sob0014-d_02_

All of Satya‘s work is all hand crafted, with meticulous revisions and play before she decides if her molds will ultimately work as metal or as another material.


She makes pieces that she feels are in tune with nature and the self, with ties to mysticism and numerology. Her brand SouSou, actually means “I am”.

Temos todas as cores do brinco Cocar

All images courtesy of SouSou.

2 Comments on Satya Spindel

  1. These are so gorgeous!!!! I can’t wait to pick one up. ❤

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