TswanaLyric: Buhle Mguni


TswanaLyric is the creation of bold and gifted Botswana designer Buhle Mguni.

Her jewelry ranges from safety pin, beading and nature inspired earrings to neck adornments that are a bold and elegant combination of Maasai necklaces and scarves.

Buhle has received much recognition both in her native Botswana, as well as internationally.

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 Buhle also creates pieces that have a Maasai -crochet feel to them, which are favorites here at AurumEve.


Buhle goes beyond traditional beading on safety pin themed earrings and adds a unique and more intricate design to both safety pin and her nature-inspired earrings.

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All images courtesy of TswanaLyric.

10 Comments on TswanaLyric: Buhle Mguni

  1. Yes… I love, love, love this!! The piece is a statement maker!!!

  2. I loveeee!!! I want!

  3. Reblogged this on Global Lipstick and commented:
    Style, seriously.

  4. Love the neck wraps! Really innovative! She definitely found a way to put a new spin on her traditions!

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