Ana Hagopian: Paper Jewelry

Ana Hagopian is an Argentinean designer based in Barcelona, Spain.

Her pieces are rooted in nature and plant life.

Ana‘s necklaces are beautiful, and easy to wear – definitely unique and special pieces.

My source of inspiration is nature and its infinite creations, its limitless colours, its surprising textures. paper is contradictory, provocative and humble because it is ephemeral …

when I’m creating my works, I unconsciously seek primal contact, the constant wonder of childhood, the magical vision that transforms the prosaic and everyday into something new and marvelous. 

My process is intuitive, through my hands I come into contact with the material, which guides me towards the final form.

-Ana Hagopian

necklace_featherflat_white (1) necklace_seaweed_white necklace_raspberry_white necklace_fresia2_white necklace_petals_white necklace_grapevine_white

Ana produces highly vibrant colors – this blue one below is a particular favorite.

earrings_01_ana_hagopian__MG_0314 earrings_fresia_white earrings_fish_white

The rings are very interesting, as there is an Eastern essence to these pieces, yet they tie in perfectly with the rest of Ana‘s collection.

rings_garden1_white rings_daisy_white rings_amarilis_white

Images courtesy of Ana Hagopian.

4 Comments on Ana Hagopian: Paper Jewelry

  1. So clever! I love the first necklace – gorgeous!

  2. veronicaescuela // June 2, 2013 at 7:22 PM // Reply

    Great website, thanks for posting so interesting stuff…

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