Bold and Beautiful : ByAree

Areeayl Goodwin, a Philadelphia native, began teaching herself how to make jewelry in high school and shortly after launched Beads byAree during her sophomore year at Howard University.

Beads ByAree pieces embody youth, creativity and a lyrical brightness and fluidity that can only be described as ethereal.


The collection is encompassing and striking yet stays true to the whimsical and imaginative nature that she infuses into all of her pieces.

As you can see, Areeayl does not follow the conventional rules of fashion – and it does not take much to see that Areeayl actually doesn’t really follow any conventional rules!

While I personally have an affinity for seeing artists’ beautiful sketches before the piece is constructed – it is refreshing to know that Areeayl does not sketch out her pieces! With music and intuition as her main sources of inspiration she draws from her dreams or designs and constructs from memory. Areeayl brings her unique and thoughtful materials, stones and design to harmonize eclectic and empowering one of a kind pieces.






Beads31 Beads32




… in addition to powering her successful collections, in 2011 Areeayl began her first benefit line: “Love for the Congo” , which donates the proceeds to ; an organization that supports women who are suffering all around the word…. Areeayl also has contributed to the accessory design for Alicia Key’s Broadway production of Stick Fly…Her jewelry can be found all over the world: London, Israel, South Africa, Belgium, Canada, Ghana and more… somewhere in that mix Areeyal also performs on stage acting and singing…

Areeayl is doing it all + more: with class, style, and confidence – and shows no signs of slowing down…

…in other words: #newrules


All images courtesy of Beads ByAree. 

7 Comments on Bold and Beautiful : ByAree

  1. The Jay Z of Jewelry! New rules have transcended into jewelry design! but in all seriousness…….This is DOPE! Clean and modern, bright vibrant in color and design.

  2. Whaaaaattt! No conventional rules, No sketching, just raw [rah rah like a dungeon dragon!]
    and if the ladies like this, then i love it…
    This honest and unrestricted approach to design speaks waves to me. Also the early implementation of creating a collection for a global cause, also speaks waves to Areeayl’s perspective


    • Yes, she really is amazing- she also uses Paul Robeson as inspiration: “(via TasteMakerMag) She humbly tells me that anything is possible and compares her work ethics to that of Paul Robeson. “Paul Robeson did everything, he was a football player, an actor, activitst, singer. Here I am juggling school, acting and designing. It’s hard but I’m doing well and it can be done.”


      • Dope! It’s always great to gain knowledge on pioneers that pave the way for great inspiration and direction.


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