Richard Salley

Richard Salley is an American jewelry designer, mixed media artist  and photographer working in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

His work focuses on mixed media, found objects, and enamel.


Richard had always wanted to pursue a career as an artist, so with the support of his wife Jane (also an artist) upon his retirement, Richard began taking a few jewelry classes, made the connection

and the rest came along quite seamlessly, as Richard had an artistic edge as a former photography teacher.

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Richard‘s work is very engaging yet somehow subtle. His intricate yet modest detail and aesthetic gives way to beautiful pieces that stand out and quietly draw attention.

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Richard travels around the country teaching workshops and has become a popular and well known name in the mixed media  artist arena.

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Looking forward to what else Richard has in store for us in the future!


All images courtesy of Richard Salley.

15 Comments on Richard Salley

  1. Very beautiful and amazing work Richard-I hope you keep it up 🙂

  2. petunia106 // June 10, 2013 at 3:22 PM // Reply

    Richard’s work is amazing! Thanks for sharing it on here. I would love to get into enameling someday.

    • Thanks Betsy! Enameling seems to be a very fun process, I love that it allows you to go in many different options stylistically and creatively !

  3. veronicaescuela // June 2, 2013 at 7:48 PM // Reply

    Very special pieces… thanks for this post.

  4. Somehow I feel that most of his pieces have a “focus” like the lens of a camera. That was really on point to illustrate his background as a photographer and his intrinsic sense of the artistry of what he finds and creates! It gives me a fresh perspective of what his vision could be for his pieces

  5. I love the industrial beauty of some of these pieces, particularly the heart-shaped piece at the start of the post.

  6. Beautiful pieces. I love the grunge and raw look of the pieces. It looks almost as if they were made of found industrial objects. It also reminds me of the steam-punk design aesthetic.

  7. These are so unique!

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