Clarice Price Thomas

Clarice Price Thomas, a London based jewelry designer, draws inspiration from watches and clocks as well as their unseen inner workings.

homepageIMG_9201 IMG_9123Medium_Gold_Flat_Purple IMG_9318 IMG_9551

Her rings can be worn classically as a solitaire piece; or one can add a funky edge by stacking the rings and combining different colors.

The different sizes of each ring type invite play and creativity as you mix and match sizes, colors and combinations for what  best illustrates your personal style.

homepageIMG_9298 IMG_9324Medium_Silver_Flat_Green

Clarice elegantly combines her interest in machinery and its inner working with elegant metalwork and an interest in antiques.

Clarice‘s pieces are simply beautiful and timeless.

homepageIMG_9279 IMG_3143 IMG_3051_stones_IMG_3083

We’re very excited to see what Clarice‘s new collections will bring!


All images courtesy of Clarice Price Thomas.

16 Comments on Clarice Price Thomas

  1. I love this piece! The gears are great. Fantastic pictures as well.

  2. Those are some gorgeous ring

  3. Reblogged this on Windows Shopper and commented:
    Oh my gosh, my gosh! Look at these steampunky pieces by Clarice Price Thomas. I really like the thin rings in the 6th picture from the top. I wonder how much they cost?…

    • Hi Sara! Thanks for the reblog! 🙂 Check Clarice’s site out, the prices are quite reasonable for the originality and quality of work! 🙂 Thanks!

  4. I find these pieces to be greatly refreshing and unique in their concept. There truly is a lot of elegance in machinery that can be overlooked at times. But these pieces right here let you know what time it is #flytime

    • I absolutely agree with you! It’s really refreshing to see something or a concept used in a new and original way – particcularly with things we get used to and overlook! There is so much beauty in everything around us! We just need to pay attention 🙂

  5. Beautiful items, very cleverly assembled 🙂
    Have a very HAPPY week! 🙂

  6. I absolutely love it! Very innovative, a new twist on something classic! I like that you can mix and match. I can wait to see what else Clarice has in store. These will make unique and timeless gifts (tokens of time) 🙂

  7. I love how clean and simple the design is, and it still has a little bit of quirkiness that makes it original. Its beautiful.

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