RawBelle: Ambassador of Nature

 Rachel Mouial, rightfully dubbed the “Ambassador of Nature” measures up well to her namesake. Rachel‘s work and approach is that of  a creative forger of talisman adornment – a master builder and finder.

Her pieces are jarring in a way that is unusual and highly engaging.

These are the pieces that feel alive, that become a part of you and your identity and personality, a true and raw expression of self.

Her work is striking, her aspirations are noble – let’s meet Rachel Mouial and see what we can learn about ourselves along the way.


“I collect exceptional pieces of natural preciousness and love to see these jewels in their pure, unadulterated form… All that glitters is not gold.” –Rachel Mouial


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Rachel sources all of her handmade jewelry from what she finds during her travels and from just – digging around. She uses stones in their raw and most pure form -reminding us again that there is beauty in being and that it can be respected and admired as is- that all that gold is not the only thing that glitters.

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Of Italian and Algerian descent and from St. Maarten, Rachel is inspired by archaeology classes that has taken, she finds great importance in not only  uncovering the next part of her pieces, but also in understanding where they came from and where they belong- as well as the mystical and personal properties within.

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Her artwork is is highly personalized so that it is specific to each wearer. She has conversations with the prospective clients to find out more about them, so that the piece can be in tune with the individual and really be personal  -she discovers the what energy will go into the piece that is right for the owner as well as uses essential oils in the silk threading for reasons similar reasons. Her work is miles beyond custom : it is personal. Simply beautiful.

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All images courtesy of Rawbelle.

2 Comments on RawBelle: Ambassador of Nature

  1. Agreed! She lets the beauty of the natural worls speak for itself! 🙂

  2. “RAWBELLE” says it all! I think rachel’s collection does a good job of reflecting the honesty of a materials beauty the center stage. Intricate and Bold

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