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After 23 years as an Art Director, Paola decided to embark on path where she could explore a new idea of representation of contemporary beauty- guided and influenced by unseemingly complementary cultural systems: East and the West; masculine and feminine; spirit and matter; light and shadow.

Bracelet, Ring


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Paola uses discarded electrical components, with a large portion coming from old computers and cameras. The beauty of her art is that modern technology’s life span is highly limited; as the next ‘more improved’ piece or addition comes along in a quick succession. The relevancy of technology is short lived. However, in Paola’s search and exploration of the spirit, she revives these now obsolete pieces of matter that were once vital and essential parts of our lives. She reframes the pieces and showcases their physical beauty, a reminder that even the past can be continually used and can continue to have significance: usefulness is not directly related to original intent, but the way that you are willing to see in unique and continual perspectives. She continues the life cycle for pieces that are almost at once forgotten and obsolete; there is an immense beauty and humanity (even for a material object) that demands high respect, in this creative and unique approach.


paola-mirai-11 paola-mirai-3

Orotrasparente (transparent gold) is actually a secretly created transparent matter that Paola uses to bind, mount, support and encase her feature jewels, which are the technology center pieces. It took her five years to create and perfect the recipe for this unique and quality material.

“…It was a difficult journey to a nearly impossible goal, requiring all my energy, curiosity, confidence, stubbornness, courage and hope. The process of making an idea come true is always hard; you don’t know whether you will succeed or not, you must completely devote yourself to creativity and experimentation, while also accepting mistakes…




“…An interesting inspiration and approach of Paola’s is the contemplation of myths; she notes that we as a people are currently out of touch with our spiritual aspect, because of our scientific spirit. She searches and succeeds in a way to reconnect in her work… “

 Bracelet, Ring


 “…The result is Cirkùita: a series of jewels where every element has a new function and can be appreciated for its aesthetic value, which was previously hidden and denied…”

Bracelet, Ring

Paola-Mirai-Tech-Jewelry Paola-Mirai-Tech-Jewelry-8 All quotes and images courtesy of Paola Mirai.

6 Comments on Orotrasparente | Parallel Worlds :Timeless Joys :Transparent Jewels

  1. This is an interesting concept. With the speed in which computer technology is evolving, we will always have new pieces to wear! Especially now that our electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller, engineers are constantly imagining creative solutions to pack more in less space. All the internal tech in our devices are looking cooler and cooler! Its funny I always see rings and pendants being made out of old typewriter keys, old tech makes for cool retro looking art.

  2. Yaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwhhh. This is some wicked product OROTRASPARENTE and the combination of electrical parts. Round of applause to Paola. Plus the creation of the pieces are based on contrasted subject matter. Dope! #aurumeve you really showing people some next level work!

    • YES! And check out her website too, she is a fantastic writer and is doing so much to give back to the community and create- she is a VERY awesome, inspirational, creative artist/being!

  3. Very unusual, yet very wearable jewelry!
    Have a HAPPY weekend! 🙂

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